M. Haney Custom Shop Guitars are coming March 1st. Les Paul Shape | Solid Mohagany, fully bound Body & Neck with a super strong dovetail Joint. Gibson Deluxe Ivory Tuners, Anilico 5 dual Humbuckers w/custom Jimmy Page Les Paul wiring all hand soldered.

All are Full Maple Capped AAA Flametop, with 5 coats of super glossy and super hard clear coat!
Available in 4 Fine Finishes:
1. Natural Flame top with 5 coats of super glossy clear w / a rich dark cherry finish on her back and sides.
2.Orange Crush (Translucent Orange Burst).
3. Grape Crush (Translucent Purple Burst).
4. GoldiLoxxx (Goldtop with p90 ACTIVE EMG’s – P60 & P85.
All Priced at $1890.00